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Crytec CRSA-E 1500W | Lawn Scarifier | Corded Electric | Grass Aerator

Crytec CRSA-E 1500W | Lawn Scarifier | Corded Electric | Grass Aerator

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Unless Stated otherwise.

The warranty on our machines is 2 years for domestic purchases and 1 year for commercial purchases.

Replacement parts (unless wearing ie. blades, belts) are covered for 1 year.

2-in-1 Scarifier & Rake
Aerate and revitalise your lawn by removing moss and thatch with our powerful 2-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier.

Don’t settle for messy grass, scarify and reap the benefits of a healthy lawn with our powerful 1500W 2-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier, featuring a 32cm working width for efficient use.

Scarifying your lawn aerates your soil and can improve water drainage, allowing for better absorption of water and nutrients, promoting healthy, lush lawn growth for that pristine garden look.

Choose from four working depths on each roller to suit your needs, to either rake your lawn of moss or cut deeper into the moss and thatch at their source and aerate your lawn to promote better growth.

With dual interchangeable rollers, you can easily change between:

A raking drum to remove thatch, moss and dead leaves, with working depths of +4, -4, -8, -12mm.

A dethatching drum to scarify and aerate your soil, with working depths of +1, -7, -11, -15mm.

Constantly having to empty your scarifier can be annoying, but with a generous 30L collection bag, you’re able to cover large areas before you even have to think about emptying.

With a two-stage safety trigger, you can have peace of mind that your scarifier is safe to use, only starting once both buttons are pressed.

No matter your height, our scarifier is easy to use thanks to its height adjustable handle, and also included is a 10 metre power cable to allow for a wider range of unrestricted movement.

With included easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have your scarifier assembled in no time!

Whether you need to rake or scarify your lawn, our multi-purpose scarifier features two rollers each with 4 working depths to suit any of your lawn-related needs.

Powerful 1500W Motor
Tackle any lawn with ease thanks to your scarifier's powerful 1500W motor.

4 Height Settings
Raking drum: +4, -4, -8, -12mm.
Dethatching Drum: +1, -7, -11, -15mm.
Choose from two different ranges of 4 heights over the two drums to suit your preference.

Why Scarify?
In order to keep a healthy green lawn, thatch, moss and debris have to be removed. With a scarifier not only can you accomplish this, but you can also aerate the lawn, allowing for better water and nutrient absorption for improved lawn health.
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Response to my initial email enquiry was within 2 minutes. I ordered a chipper on Thursday morning and it arrived on my drive on Friday lunchtime…fully assembled which was more than I was expecting. The machine is great and my subsequent queries have been responded to straight away too. Very impressed. Well done crytec

- Ian Lea on Trustpilot -