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Crytec | DGS1500 Terminator | Wood Chipper | 4.7 inch/120mm | Key Start | Petrol | Briggs & Stratton 13hp 420cc

Crytec | DGS1500 Terminator | Wood Chipper | 4.7 inch/120mm | Key Start | Petrol | Briggs & Stratton 13hp 420cc

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Unless Stated otherwise.

The warranty on our machines is 2 years for domestic purchases and 1 year for commercial purchases.

Replacement parts (unless wearing ie. blades, belts) are covered for 1 year.

The new and improved DGS1500 is the ultimate solution for all your wood chipping needs. Engineered with power, reliability, and efficiency in mind, this towable wood chipper is designed to make your wood chipping tasks a breeze. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional landscaper, the DGS1500 is built to handle even the toughest wood chipping jobs with ease.

Reliable Briggs and Stratton 4-Stroke Engine: The DGS1500 is equipped with a robust Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke engine, renowned for its exceptional reliability and performance. With a power output of 13.5 horsepower, this engine ensures consistent and efficient wood chipping, even under heavy loads. Say goodbye to frustrating breakdowns and hello to reliable performance every time you need it.

Electric Start with Key Ignition: Starting the DGS1500 couldn't be simpler. Just insert the key, turn it, and watch the powerful engine come to life. No more hassle with pull cords or manual starts. The electric start feature allows for quick and effortless operation, saving you valuable time and energy.

Powerful Wood Chipping Capability: With its formidable 13.5HP engine, the DGS1500 delivers exceptional chipping power. It effortlessly handles branches up to 120mm in diameter, turning them into finely shredded wood chips in no time. Whether you're clearing your garden, managing a large landscaping project, or processing firewood, the DGS1500 ensures efficient and precise wood chipping results every time.

Super Efficient Flywheel System: The DGS1500 incorporates a cutting-edge flywheel system, designed to maximise efficiency and optimise performance. This advanced system utilises the rotational energy generated by the engine to power the chipping mechanism, resulting in an incredibly efficient wood chipping process. With the DGS1500, you can expect reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and prolonged engine life.

Towable on UK Roads: The DGS1500 is specifically designed to be towed on UK roads, allowing you to easily transport it to any job site. Its durable construction, coupled with a robust chassis and sturdy tires, ensures smooth and stable towing, even on uneven terrains. Whether you're working on a residential property or a remote location, the DGS1500 can effortlessly accompany you wherever you go.

*Note* Chipper will come fully assembled (if selected), however for shipping the tow bar is NOT fully connected, customer will need to attach with the bolts provided when item is received. Please also note before towing it is your responsibility to check all tyres and tyre pressure.

*Delivery Note* As this is a large machine If express delivery and assembly is selected at checkout please allow up to 2 working days for assembly and testing of the machine.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Slattery
Excellent after sales service

The first DGS1500 chipper failed to run. Crytec after-sales were amazing. They talked me through possible ways of getting it going and, when nothing worked, replaced the machine quickly. It gave me a lot of faith in the company and the replacement is everything I hoped it would be, I had a few windblown trees and it has handled heavy branches easily.

David Naitby
Crytec Terminator

Arrived in 5 working days as promised in a large crate.
It is extremely heavy which isn’t a problem until you have to lift it up to bolt the suspension units onto the chassis from underneath.
I didn’t want to roll it on its side incase I damaged more delicate components.
Once filled with oil and fuel It started straight away.

The machine is extremely powerful and makes light weight of tree branches.
There is a lot of vibration from the branches when it hits the blades on the flywheel so wear thick gloves and safety glasses.
Great product AAA

Roger Norton
Crytec terminator

I was skeptical about what the workmanship quality was going to be like, I can't fault it, it's very well made, strong and well put together.
Decent thickness metal throughout, really powerful brigs and Stratton engine.
My only whine is when the deflection chute is positioned anywhere other than straight out, chips blow out toward the machine, I will fabricate a modification, otherwise its a superb machine.

Stuart, Glasgow
Fab wood chipper

I needed a large petrol wood chipper for my garden. I purchased a similar sized model from a well known company which arrived promptly but required assembly. Unfortunately this would not start and the company quickly took responsibility and arranged for it’s return. I did however have to disassemble the machine and empty it of petrol and oil.
After this experience I search the internet for alternatives and I paid more detail to reviews. I settled on Crytec as a company and one of the biggest advantages of their wood chipper was that it came assembled and pre tested.
I ordered the wood chipper online and it was delivered three days later on a pallet. The only assembly required was to extend the tow bar and bolt it in place. After adding petrol it started first time.
I have tried it with branches up to 3 inches in diameter and it chipped them with ease. The feed chute is wide enough to take large tree branches without having to cut off all the side branches. It has a clear instruction manual and replacing the blades looks to be a straightforward matter.
Overall I am well pleased with my purchase and I am looking forward to making short work of my garden waste.

barry thacker

Very quick delivery only thing I can fault is the spout and fuel tank had paint missing where I guessed it had been banged but other than that it's OK 👍

Response to my initial email enquiry was within 2 minutes. I ordered a chipper on Thursday morning and it arrived on my drive on Friday lunchtime…fully assembled which was more than I was expecting. The machine is great and my subsequent queries have been responded to straight away too. Very impressed. Well done crytec

- Ian Lea on Trustpilot -