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Crytec | CRBL500 Branch Logger | 5inch/127mm | Petrol | 15hp 420cc

Crytec | CRBL500 Branch Logger | 5inch/127mm | Petrol | 15hp 420cc

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Unless Stated otherwise.

The warranty on our machines is 2 years for domestic purchases and 1 year for commercial purchases.

Replacement parts (unless wearing ie. blades, belts) are covered for 1 year.

Introducing the Crytec Branch Logger – a powerhouse in the world of log processing, meticulously crafted to make your firewood preparation a breeze. Engineered with precision and power, this cutting-edge machine is equipped with a robust 15hp Rato engine, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The standout feature of the Crytec Branch Logger lies in its innovative dual-drum system. Two parallel drum units work seamlessly in tandem, providing a unique and efficient solution for processing long branches and logs. With a generous capacity of up to 5 inch in diameter, this logger effortlessly transforms hefty logs into smaller, more manageable sizes. Capable of outputting logs between 10-15cm in length 

Say goodbye to the manual labor of chopping and splitting long logs – the Crytec Branch Logger takes the strain off your back and puts the power back in your hands. Whether you're preparing firewood for a cozy night indoors or managing wood for various applications, this machine ensures a swift and efficient process.

Key Features:

  • 15hp Rato Engine: Experience unparalleled power and reliability for consistent log processing.
  • Dual Drum System: Two parallel drum units work in harmony to handle long branches and logs efficiently.
  • Up to 5 inch Diameter: Process substantial logs with ease, catering to a variety of wood sizes.
  • Back-Saving Convenience: Eliminate the manual effort of chopping long logs, promoting user comfort.

The Crytec Branch Logger is not just a machine; it's a game-changer in the world of log processing. Invest in this cutting-edge solution and redefine the way you approach firewood preparation – saving time, effort, and your back.

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Response to my initial email enquiry was within 2 minutes. I ordered a chipper on Thursday morning and it arrived on my drive on Friday lunchtime…fully assembled which was more than I was expecting. The machine is great and my subsequent queries have been responded to straight away too. Very impressed. Well done crytec

- Ian Lea on Trustpilot -